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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/techned2019.01.063


Journal Tekhnichna elektrodynamika
Publisher Institute of Electrodynamics National Academy of Science of Ukraine
ISSN 1607-7970 (print), 2218-1903 (online)
Issue No 1, 2019 (January/February)
Pages 63 – 67


N.O. Ravlyk, O.M. Ravlyk, M.S. Seheda
Lviv Natsional Polytechnik University,
str. S. Bandera, 12, Lviv, 79005, Ukraine,
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A mathematical model of the electrical network of own needs of power stations unit based on an asynchronous load and switching properties of the vacuum circuit breakers has been developed. Using computer simulation in a specialized digital complex "REC" investigated surge during switches of vacuum circuit breakers in the normal and emergency modes motors of own needs of power stations. References 10, figure 5.


Key words: own needs of power stations, asynchronous motors, vacuum switches, switching overvoltage, nonlinear overvoltage limiters, mathematical modeling.


Received:    14.11.2016
Accepted:    04.10.2018
Published:   10.01.2019



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